Thursday, December 24, 2009

Peachtree Toolbox: A preview of backwards compatiblity and converting

Once in awhile I get asked if Peachtree is backwards compatible or convertible to a smaller version. Generally this comes up when we at the office have converted a file for our use and the Accountant later realizes that they need to update the clients file and we were not instructed to keep the same version as the clients to assure that we can add our changes to the file.

I have a lot of experiences of working with a variety of databases, I have even created a few. Now I am not going to sit around and toot my own horn, I just wanted to give a bit of background on how I arrived at being able to move data back to older versions of Peachtree and even smaller versions as well.

The key to being able to move data back and forth is Peachtree’s Import and Export feature. I have stated in earlier posts that Peachtree's database is by far the best of the small business accounting software. The import and export function allows you to work with the data in Excel and make adjustments as needed.

What you would need to do to accomplish this task is both copies of Peachtree, Excel, and the knowledge of how to do this.

The import and export function is found under file and Select Import/Export. You also need to know what you want to import and export.  The reason you need both copies of Peachtree is so you may map what fields that are involved and make sure that you only transfer the fields that are needed. Once you have established the fields needed you can set your export with the fields you need and import the same.

This is just an overview and a hint of things to come. I will cover this feature in more detail in a future post. In the meantime,

Happy Holiday’s and Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

QuickBooks ToolBox: Important information about QuickBooks 2009

I received the following information from Intuit this morning and wanted to ensure you were aware of it.

A couple of notes as you read the information below:

1. To determine if you have R9 installed on your 2009 QuickBooks, tap the F2 key on your keyboard and look at the very first line - it will show you what "release" or "R" you have installed.

2. QuickBooks has set up a special web page to deal with these issues.

Dear QuickBooks 2009 User:

Sales Tax Report Issue for QuickBooks 2009 Release 9 (R9) Users

We are writing to let you know about a Sales Tax Report issue related to the December 1, 2009 Release 9 (R9) of QuickBooks 2009. If you downloaded R9 earlier this month, the Sales Tax Liability and Sales Tax Revenue reports are not displaying the correct data in some cases. Only customers who have already downloaded and installed R9 may be affected. The issue affects QuickBooks Simple Start, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions.

If you are using Release 8 or earlier, this issue will not affect you, and you may continue to rely on the Sales Tax Liability and Sales Tax Revenue reports for any sales tax filings with tax authorities. (Not sure which release version you have? Open QuickBooks, hit F2, and look at the information in the upper left of the screen entitled, "Product.") Click here for more detailed instructions.

What You Should Do if You Are on R9

If you are currently using R9, and have not filled out your tax information with tax authorities, you should update your QuickBooks software before you file. The new update (Release 10) is scheduled to be available on Wednesday, December 16. Only after updating to R10 should you rely on the Sales Tax Liability and Sales Tax Revenue reports for your upcoming sales tax filings with tax authorities.

If you are currently using R9 have have used the Sales Tax Liability and Sales Tax Revenue reports to submit information to the tax authorities this month, your submission may be incorrect. As a result, you may need to resubmit your sales tax information after downloading R10 if you meet certain criteria. Specifically, this issue applies to you only if you meet the following conditions: within QuickBooks, the sum total of items in your Items List multiplied by the number of vendors in your Vendor List equals more than 10,000. For more information on whether you need to resubmit your sales tax information, click here. If you think you have already submitted inaccurate information to to tax authorities and need help with how to resubmit, you can contact Intuit at

How to Update to R10

Updating QuickBooks with R10 will correct your sales tax information in the Sales Tax Liability and Sales Tax Revenue reports. You can apply this R10 update in two ways:

• You can download this update here, Wednesday, December 16, 2009.

- or -

• QuickBooks will prompt you to apply this update automatically on Thursday, December 17, 2009.

Thank you very much, and we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

If you need help with your QuickBooks, Peachtree, or Accounting Software contact

Sunday, December 6, 2009

QuickBooks ToolBox: CRITICAL information about QuickBooks 2009 Update R9 -- Please read

Several people are having problems -- especially in a multi-user setting. The link below should help. If you are on a network you will need to update your network QuickBooks as well.

From the Intuit Community:

QuickBooks 2009 Release 9 differs from most releases. Because of the changes it makes, R9 is not backwards compatible with earlier releases of QuickBooks 2009.

Therefore you need to treat it the same way you treat an upgrade to a new year version. That is, both your program and data files will need to be updated.

Read more about the R9 update here.

David Chermak provides support for QuickBooks and Peachtree to the staff and clients of Komisar Brady & Co. He has expertise in both products and can help you with getting the most out of your accounting software. David can be reached at

Peachtree Toolbox: The Report Button

A few weeks ago I was tasked with creating training for my fellow staff members in Peachtree and QuickBooks. Both trainings were wonderful and the staff now has a better understanding of the programs they sometimes need to use.

As I was creating the training for Peachtree I noticed something that I had not noticed before. In pretty much every dialogue box, there is an option to print reports. If you are working on a vendor there are options to print a variety of vendor specific reports. I was surprised that I really had not noticed this before, then again, one of the benefits of teaching others is you learn something yourself.

Now that I know that these reports are handy, I have a tendency to use them more than I had before. They are handy especially if I want to know what is going on behind the scenes or just want an update on something.
Peachtree really did a great job of integrating options with all of their screens and dialogue boxes.

David Chermak provides support for QuickBooks and Peachtree to the staff and clients of Komisar Brady & Co. He has expertise in both products and can help you with getting the most out of your accounting software. David can be reached at

Monday, November 16, 2009

QuickBooks and Peachtree: Office Accounting News

I got some news in my inbox this morning.

As of November 16, 2009, Microsoft will no longer be offering any upgrades or enhancements to its Office Accounting product. Microsoft indicates that support for current users will continue for up to five years. If they recently purchased Office Accounting, they can return it for a refund. More details about this news announcement at:


Absolutely Windows

If the client converts they can save 20% on their purchase of QuickBooks accounting software to replace it.

Peachtree offers discounts to convert as well.

The folks at Quicken indicate that over the next 6 to 9 months, Quicken Online will be migrated into services. More details and insights at:


PC World

Frankly, I am not surprised that Microsoft Accounting was removed from the offerings. Microsoft was trying to get into a market that was well serviced with QuickBooks and Peachtree.

If you are in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area and use Office Accounting, I have done many conversions from Office Accounting to Peachtree or QuickBooks. E-mail David Chermak at and I can help you with a conversion.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

QuickBooks Toolbox: QuickBooks 2010 the save button

I am installing QuickBooks 2010 for my company and have tested many of the new features. QuickBooks 2010 has some great new additions this year and I hope to highlight many of the best ones! One of my favorites is the new "Save" button, located in the invoice and estimates screens.

How many times have you been creating a lengthy estimate or invoice in QuickBooks and wanted to save it, but not have to "Save and Close" or "Save and New"? The new "Save" button, pictured above, takes care of that for you.

Located at the top of all the common data entry screens in QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2010, the new "Save" button allows you to save your work without having to leave the transaction.

The transaction will then show up on any list of transactions after you save it, or in the transaction area of the Customer or Vendor Center, just like a transaction you entered and then did a "save and close" or "save and new".

David Chermak has helped many with thier QuickBooks and Peachtree questions. If you have a question or would like to get the most out of your accounting software you can contact Dave at

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

QuickBooks and Peachtree

Since I work pretty intesely with QuickBooks and Peachtree, you will see that I will be posting quite a bit about these two topics. I may sprinkle in a bit about Excel and accounting topics as they come across my desk.

Use my site as a resource to find ways to solve some of your issues with accounting technology. I also may preview a few new things and share some personal things.

Stay tuned....

The first post is in the works

Friday, September 25, 2009

Construction in Progress

Good day

I am in the process of creating my new home.