Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Year, New Adventure

I have not been too diligent about getting postings out.  I think that my topic base has been too narrow.  Perhaps I have just been too busy.  But I am in an new year and it is time for new adventures.

Back in January I was informed that my position with Komisar Brady had been eliminated.  After the shock wore off, I got down to the business of finding a new job.  I was fortunate in that Komisar Brady was willing to keep me on staff while I conducted my search. 

A few months back I hosted a guest post about the separating yourself from the pack.  As someone who firmly believed in that frame of mind, I definitely was able use my extra knowledge of computer accounting systems to vault myself into a new position and fairly quickly.

But I was lucky,  I knew what I had to offer and I knew what to do to find something in two months.  I am considering expanding my talking points to what I did and what you can do, especially if unemployed.

Just some thoughts on a Sunday afternoon.