Monday, November 22, 2010

IRS expands its program to accept Peachtree

Back in September I covered the fact that the IRS is accepting files from QuickBooks for Audits.  It seems that has now been expanded to Peachtree as well.

Web CPA covers the information fairly well. 

The idea of the IRS accepting the data from Peachtree and QuickBooks is a good one.  It saves on time and paper.  Keep in mind that when you do give your file to the IRS, you are also giving everything to them.  This can open a whole can of worm if for some reason, even the most innocent of reasons, the auditor happens to look at information outside the scope of the audit time frame.

Be sure to consider this before handing your file over to the  IRS.  You may want to consider handing over a condensed file that covers only the time frame of the audit.

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